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Granby Fire Department

The Granby Fire Department is located in Granby Massachusetts serving a population of approximately 6,300. On average we respond to over 700 ambulance calls and approximately 250 fire calls annually.


The Granby Fire Department (GFD) got its start early in 1938 when the town appropriated money to purchase the first fire truck. The GFD was formed under the leadership of Chief Robert Dressell and Assistant Chief William Gallup along with a group of men who formed the Granby Volunteer Fireman’s Association now known as the Granby Firefighter’s Association.

From this date forward the GFD, with the backing of the Granby Firefighters Association, worked together to purchase equipment to improve the department and lower the insurance ratings in town. The first fire station was created in a garage behind Dressells Service Station on West State Street.

  • 1942 A second truck was added, this was a 1000 gallon tanker and the first truck of its type in Western Massachusetts.
  • 1944 On two occasions GFD responded to the aid of Westover AFB to assist with bombers that crashed in town.
  • 1947 GFD conducted a fire fighting school with the assistance of Captain Ackerman of the Greenfield Fire Department.
  • 1951 The Civil Defense program added twenty-three firefighters to the department.
  • 1952-1953 GFD added a resuscitator, two way radio equipment, a base radio and two mobile units.
  • 1956 The first Personal Protective Equipment was purchased which consisted of a shirt, a raincoat or a pair of boots.
  • 1958 GFD purchased its second engine.
  • 1959 First ambulance was purchased.
  • 1962 Chief Robert Dressell retired after twenty-four years.
  • 1963 Lindolph Parker appointed as chief
  • 1964 Construction was started for addition to the town garage for the new home of GFD. The addition was built to house four trucks and the ambulance and also included a meeting room.
  • 1965 The original 1938 fire truck was set up as the first brush truck and a new front line engine was purchased. A new ambulance was also purchased in this year.
  • 1970 A new engine was purchased and the “38” was retired for restoration. The department also started work on a military 6x6 that was converted into a tanker and a military 4x4 that was converted to a brush truck.
  • 1973 GFD has its first EMT’s
  • 1976 Chief Lindolph Parker retires after thirteen years, David Seiffert appointed as new Chief.
  • 1977 New ambulance purchased.
  • 1979 First full-time EMT/Firefighter.
  • 1981 A new engine 2 was purchased and the 1954 engine was converted to a hose truck with one mile of three inch hose. Granby was now at the forefront of Large Diameter Hose (LDH) and tanker operations.
  • 1984 GFD lowered the town’s insurance ratings due to LDH and tanker shuttles.
  • 1987 Second ambulance was purchased to replace the 1977 ambulance.
  • 1989 GFD built a 3000 gallon tanker through military surplus equipment.
  • 1992 New hose truck purchased (replacing the 1952 hose truck) with one mile of five inch hose.
  • 1995 Engine 1 arrives replacing the 1964 engine.
  • 1995 EMT service upgraded to the paramedic level.
  • 1997 Third ambulance purchased replacing the 1987 ambulance.
  • 1998 Chief Seiffert retires after 21 years, Chief Dennis Houle is appointed.
  • 2003 Richard Gaj appointed as acting Chief.
  • 2006 Russell Anderson appointed as Chief.
  • 2006 Engine 3 arrived replacing the old Pump 3.
  • 2007 Engine 2 arrives replacing the 1981 Engine.
  • 2007 A1 arrives replacing the 1997 Ambulance.
  • 2007 Recieved grant of 35,000 for new turnout gear and EMS jackets.
  • 2008 Upgraded Radio system and pagers
  • 2009 Acquired 1994 Chevy utility truck to be used as rescue vehicle.
  • 2010 Acquired 2001 Expedition to replace 1994 Suburban.
  • 2010 New side by side ATV arrived replacing the Kabota.
  • 2010 Granby Public Safety Complex in operation.
  • 2011 New Tank 1 arrived, replacing the 00' tanker making operations more efficient and safe for members
  • 2011 Purchased Lucas chest compression device for the ambulance.
  • 2011 New SCBA's, cylinder's, Rapid intervention bags, and multi gas meters purchased, replacing discontinued old SCBA, cylinders and meters.
  • 2011 Acquired surplus military flatbed truck (R2) replacing old 86' hose reel truck.
  • 2011 Granby became a Heart Safe Community


The Granby Fire Department consists of ten pieces of fire apparatus ranging from our engines search and rescue vehicles as well as our ambulance.

Our staffing is twenty-four hours a day, with full time staff during the day and scheduled on call staff in the evenings.